DXP is a revolutionary premium diesel additive

Common Questions and Straight Answers.

ISSUE: Condensation is unavoidable in fuel tanks. Concerns of moisture rise with bulk fuel tanks, including vessel and locomotive tanks especially. Water in your fuel tanks will lead to microbial growth and corrosion of the tank as well as degrade your fuel quality causing significant damage to the engine.

ANSWER: DXP will not only eliminate the issue of moisture, bacterial and algae growth, corrosion, but will reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint, black smoke, engine noise while improving your engine’s performance and reducing fuel consumption rates.



Overdosing will not harm the engine. DXP protects the engine and any stronger than the recommended doses only wasting product.

The fuel detergent and moisture dispersant are protecting the fuel filter by 2X the life you would expext.

DXP is fully compatible with all grades of Bio-Diesel. Bio-Diesel has a higher rate of absorbing moisture. DXP compensates for this and allows for a more efficient burn rate.

DXP tunes and cleans the engine and increases the cetane, creating a premium diesel much the same as increased octane in a premium unleaded fuel. The result is a cleaner burn with less smoke.

The engine is lubricated and running easier due to the carbon build up being reduced.Injectors are clean and a hotter burn is created due to the increased cetane  boosting the diesel fuel to a premium grade.

Noise is friction, friction is wear! DXP provides lubrication to the engine which reduces noise and wear. This is a benefit that the driver notices very early when first using DXP.

Sulphur was the lubricant in diesel fuel. This has been significantly reduced to the product called Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. Upper cylinder lubrication is very important for the fuel pump, injectors and the top of the engine to reduce wear. DXP gives back those levels of lubrication, that were taken away.


You will notice changes within the first hour of continuous running of the engine. There will continue to be noticeable enhancements over the coming weeks of use. We do recommend you have your fuel filter checked after the initial dose because contaminants can be dislodged as the fuel system cleans out. Anyone operating the vehicle will notice the black smoke and noise levels will be reducing as engine power begins to improve.