cleans - protects - performs

DXP is a revolutionary premium diesel fuel additive, It will clean and protect your engine, resulting in improved engine performance.

DXP is a Diesel Fuel Additive that meets the demands of diesel fuel, bio-fuel and heavy fuel oil (Bunker Fuel). Resulting in a multi-functional fuel enhancer providing a powerful sludge dispersant, fuel blend stability, anti-corrosive, lubricity and biocide properties. Most importantly DXP provides a lower surface tension, improving combustion efficiency and fuel efficiency resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint. Our Chemists and Engineers guarantee that DXP will not harm your engine when used as directed. Should an over dosage occurs the worst that can happen is a waste of product and a well lubricated engine.

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Sludge Dispersant – dissolves existing sludge and prevents new sludge improving tank capacity

Asphaltenes Dispersant – controls agglomeration and precipitation

Demulsification – reduces water entrapment

Injector Cleaner – increased detergent for optimum spray patterns

Corrosion Protection – stops rust and corrosion in engine components

Surfactive – reduces fuel system wear and maximizes engine performance

Increases Lubrication – reducing friction and wear on engine components

Powerful Biocide – kills and prevents fungi and bacteria growth

Reduces particulate emissions


1 Litre of DXP to 2000 Litres of Diesel fuel.

Appearance: Blue Liquid