dxp is much more then a diesel fuel additive

Although DXP was incorporated in 2017, the formula has been evolving over the past 30 years. These modifications have developed DXP into the premium enhanced additive it is today. Improving Power, Efficiency and Protection to your diesel engine. Most importantly, the adjustments we have made along the way have lead to improved performance while driving down the high cost of the engine’s operation.

The formula for DXP was engineered and developed in Australia under the Boeing Quality Assurance System. It was tested by the National Australian Testing Authority and is certified with ISO 9001:2001 QA certifications. Our Chemists and Engineers guarantee that no harm will be caused to a diesel engine when DXP is used as directed. To support this claim, and prove the benefits of using DXP,  we have also undergone testing in OEM-CATERPILLAR and CUMMINS test facilities.

To guarantee quality and consistency, every batch is tested. Resulting in a product that is consistent in the performance level it delivers.

We are constantly working with our product team to ensure DXP is evolving so it continues to be the leading Diesel Fuel Additive in the market place.

In 2020 DXP Global .expanded into North America, setting up in British Columbia, Canada

Our philosophy

It is imperative that we deliver products that are the highest in quality so we always deliver the best in performance.

About our future

In an effort to extend our reach as well as our level of service we have opened up in North America.


striving to be better

Our Formula is Customizable

Experience has shown us, there are Customers that require us to focus on a specific need. The DXP Chemists have the ability to modify the formula, but check with us so we can detail the requirements.